My name is Filip Hammarlund, and I'm a photographer based in Oslo, Norway.

My work mostly consists of sports, nature, wildlife and city-scapes, and whatever I find interesting.

If you would like to see my sports-gallery, you can find it here:
- Filip Hammarlund Sport

In 2012 I completed a one year photography education at Idefagskolen, Nøtterøy.

If you would like to get in touch you can find my contact information here.

You can also find me on
- Instagram

Earlier or current clients I´ve worked with.

- SportsNorge/MixedZone/TG Media
- Icing.no
- Løren Spiseri
- Fovea / FotoNorden
- RevolutionRace
- Tønsberg Vikings Ishockey Elite
- Heia Eidene / Røde kors